Press Release Template 

For a word copy of this template please use this link – Press Release Template In Word

The press release template below is the most common format used for press releases.  This is set out for press releases on products and services but can be used to put out any information about your company.

Template Start:-


Headline (this is what will be displayed so make it something interesting to encourage click through)

City, County, Date 

Press Release Summary

(Try to include all the important information including all the whys, how’s, where’s and what’s.)

Main body text

(Include all the information about your product and services.  Make sure you include your unique selling point and other benefits. If you can, include some customer references from people who are satisfied with your services and products.)

(Also if you are interested in search engine ranking, make sure you link back to your website in the press release.  Use text in the links that include the search keywords that you would like to get picked up on.)


Contact Person
Company Name
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
Web site address

One short paragraph on Company History

# # # 

(these # denote the press release is finished)

Template End :-