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Manual Press Release Submission 

“Are you sick of manually posting your press releases to all the other press release sites?” 
Here is a new service that does all the fiddly bits for you whilst you get on with making money.. 
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I am launching this new service to MANUALLY submit your press releases onto the free press release sites so you don’tm have to. This is NOT an automated software service. A member of my team will personally take your press release and post it on all the press release sites. One of the biggest headaches about distributing press releases online was the time it takes and having to remember all the usernames and passwords.

You probably have better things to be doing!

This kind of work should be outsourced. Spending half a day logging in and posting your press release to the many different sites is a waste of your time. I am sure you can think of 100 ways that you could better spend your time.

Why should you outsource online press release submission?

  • We do this all the time and can do it better and quicker than you, making sure that your press releases get out there as soon as possible
  • Whilst we are posting your release you can be promoting your business in other ways
  • We know which press release sites are worth posting to and which are not.

Why should you use online press release submission?

  • At a small cost you can get your news onto these top press release sites. Each site will generate traffic to your website.
  • Each site your press release is posted on is another inbound link that helps with your search engine rankings.
  • The greater the number of sites your press release is on, the greater the chances of a journalist or customer has of finding your news.

Packages Available

We offer three packages depending on how much traffic you want to receive from your press release. Simply click on the ‘buy now’ button package that you want to go for. Once we have received payment one of our press release submission team will contact you and ask you to email them your press release as an attachment. As soon as we get the attachment we will start posting unless otherwise instructed.

Bronze – Submission onto 12 press release web sites – price £50

Silver – Submission onto 30 press release web sites – price £100

Gold – Submission onto 60 press release web sites – price £250