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College of Alameda Partners with SimpliTaught to bring Adaptive Learning to its students through AI-Powered Learning Platform

San Ramon, CA. October 30th, 2023 – SimpliTaught today announced its partnership with College of Alameda, to provide a platform that caters to individual student learning behaviors and preferences, which continually evolve as students engage with the platform. This adaptability significantly enhances learning efficiency, allowing students to retain information better and save valuable time on their educational […]

Join top speakers and leaders transitioning into the Fifth Industrial Revolution at Wayout’s first Eco.Tech Talk – A Journey to Sustainability

March 24, 2021 | Wayout Intl Press Release  Hosted by Swedish SustainTech company Wayout International, Eco.Tech Talk brings together some of the most inspiring professionals and thought leaders in technology, innovation, science and social impact for an engaging conversation around the implications of the fifth industrial revolution.  The Fifth Industrial Revolution is described as a […]