Celemics Launches Comprehensive Respiratory Virus (CRV) Panel for accurate identification and sequencing of whole respiratory virus genomes

[SEOUL, South Korea – Dec. 16 2020] Biomaterial company, Celemics Inc., has achieved a major breakthrough in the fight against Covid-19. The Comprehensive Respiratory Virus (CRV) Panel will potentially shorten quarantine durations, and speed up accurate diagnoses and the administering of correct treatment. The CRV Panel is an all-in-one test kit that can potentially save many lives. It can identify and sequence 9 respiratory virus types and 39 strains, including Covid-19 influenza, even if a clinical specimen is of low quality. Recently introduced to several research facilities, it also tests for double pandemic and coinfection possibilities. As other strains of flus emerge over December and January, lightening the global strain on healthcare resources is crucial.

Celemics Inc’s CEO Kim Hyoki is available for phone, video and email interviews.

More about the CRV Panel’s accurate identification and sequencing of multiple whole respiratory virus genomes

A NGS approach to detect 39 strains of 9 common human respiratory viruses including SARS-CoV-2, several other coronaviruses, influenzas, rhinoviruses, and respiratory syncytial virus – Offers fast and reliable multiplexed detection of respiratory pathogens in a single reaction.

Celemics Inc., a company innovating DNAbased material through novel sequencing technology, announced the launch of its Comprehensive Respiratory Virus (CRV) Panel, an optimal Research Use Only (RUO) NGS target enrichment solution covering 9 common human respiratory viruses including SARS-CoV-2.

The Celemics CRV Panel includes 39 strains of the 9 most prevalent respiratory viruses including coronaviruses (CoV), influenza virus, adenovirus, bocavirus (hBoV), enterovirus, metapneumovirus, parainfluenza virus (hPIV), human rhinovirus (HRV), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Unlike common RT-PCR assays, which detect only one pathogen at a time, the NGS-based Celemics CRV Panel is designed to identify, detect, and sequence each pathogen and any present mutations in a single reaction.

Celemics has engineered the Celemics CRV Panel to provide flexible and reliable performance. The Celemics CRV Panel shows more than 100X coverage for over 99% of the viral genome, offers a hybridization time four times faster than the current standard, and it detects concentrations as low as 100 viral copies per virus, enabling researchers to analyze nasopharyngeal samples, which commonly do not yield viral loads of sufficient quantity and quality needed for NGS applications.

The Celemics CRV Panel is bundled with a non-cloud based standalone bioinformatics software that enables a complete workflow beginning with library preparation and resulting in publication-ready results that are not subject to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The Celemics CRV Panel is available for access in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand via Celemics’ certified retailers.

About Celemics Inc.

Celemics is a biomaterial technology company that creates innovations in DNA-based materials with its novel sequencing technologies to disrupt the paradigm of a range of industries including pharmaceutical, microbiome, synthetic biology, and agriculture biotechnology. Established in 2010, Celemics has developed its proprietary MSSIC™ (Massively Separated and Sequence Identified Cloning), a microwell chip and laser technology that automates cloning and sequencing processes. Leveraging this innovative and unparalleled technology, Celemics has manufactured a broad range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) products including target enrichment panels, NGS library preparation tools, and reagents, which are recognized for its industry-leading quality and cost by customers around the globe. All of Celemics’ facilities are ISO9001/ISO13485/GMP certified. Celemics has its headquarter in Seoul, Korea, and has a regional office in Beijing, China. For more information about Celemics, please visit www.celemics.com.

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