Technical Specifications:
Wavelength: 980nm/810nm
Power: 10 Watt / 7 Watt
Aiming Beam: 650nm < 5mW
Fiber Connection: 200um,300um and 400um with standard SMA905 connector
operating Modes: Continuous / Pulsed
Dimensions (L*W*H): 210mm *160mm * 150mm
Weight: 1.9KG


Our Profession Leads To Your Immersive Experience:
Our core team has 15 years of laser manufacturing history,and we only focus on medical lasers.
We OEM for the world’s top laser brands, complete thousands of units every year.
We are the only new-generation company who rise so sharply in such a short term.
3 years warranty for device, 5 years warranty for laser module. (freight cost included)
Complete accessories set equipped, due to our independent design, and R & D system.
Think about adding a Mercury 3 dental laser to your patient:
The quality of care you provide. UP↑↑↑
The types of procedures you can perform. UP↑↑↑
The profifitability of your practice. UP↑↑↑
Immersive experience surrounds you:
Before open up ——
We provide complete installation video
After turn on the machine——
We provide detailed software guidance video
In using process——
We provide comprehensive clinical videos for doctors to learn and reference, and constantly update the most cutting-edge technical information
Contact Info:
Pioon Laser Technology Co.,Ltd.
3rd Floor, Zhiye Building, Great Wall Innovative Science Park,wuhan, 430223, China

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