Jewelry pieces tell a lot about our style, class, and personality. When you are dressed up to attend an event, you need to ensure that your dressing code compliments the type of jewelry you want to wear. For the best unique and authentic jewelry pieces, you need an online jewelry shop that understands what you are looking for when buying jewelry. Alex and Company is a jewelry store that has years of experience in designing and repairing jewelry. We have perfected the art of jewelry creation, and our wide selection of classy jewelry pieces can attest to craft and brilliance.

Every year we increase our jewelry collection, and this year we have, we are proud to announce that we have a brand new collection of jewelry. Individuals and celebrities count on us to deliver unique jewelry that is hard to find anywhere else. We deal in all sorts of jewelry, from custom-designed fine jewelry to diamond engagement rings. Do you have an old piece of jewelry that you feel is out of touch? We also repair old jewelry to help you restore its stunning looks. Whether you are in search for an engagement ring or a simple diamond necklace, our bespoke jewelry pieces will make your fantasy a reality. Propose in style with our stylish genuine jewelry.

For over forty years, we have dealt with all kinds of jewelry, and we have perfected the art of designing jewelry. Alex and Company jewelers use GIA-certified gemstones to create jewelry, and clients are guaranteed high-quality standards for fine jewelry. Clients who want exclusive customized designs can also get that—being a family of experienced jewelers, Alex, and Company designer expertise and credibility needed to create unique jewelry designs. Plan a memorable wedding that will be the talk of the town by getting our wedding bands exclusively made in Newton, MA.

Alex and Company also repair damaged timepieces, and if a watch runs on battery, we help you replace it with a high-quality battery. We know that timepieces are timeless; that’s why we take time to restore its original to look as good as new. If you need laser engraving done on any of your jewelry pieces or personalized finishes, we can also help you with that. If your pearl jewelry is not correctly stringed, it may not last long. Among other services that Alex and Company offer is silk stringing done by professionals to make your pearls look stunning and last long.

Do you want to buy fine jewelry, and you can’t afford to pay cash for it? You can get our brand new jewelry collection by paying a down payment and pay with flexible installments for up to 12 months. This is done through our jewelry financing services. You don’t need to pay cash to enjoy fine jewelry from Alex and Company, thanks to our flexible payment plans. Some jewelry costs a fortune. That’s why it is vital to ensure these expensive jewelry pieces. The good thing about Alex and Company jewelers is that we also offer Appraisals.
& Insurance Replacement services to our clients.

With our jewelry insurance policy, we will compensate you in case your jewelry is stolen or destroyed. All our devices and jewelry items are available at affordable prices. Just make an appointment, and we start designing your custom jewelry piece or repairing any damaged ones.
About Alex and Company Jewelers

Alex and Company is a family of jewelers that designs and sells unique and authentic jewelry in Newton, MA. We attend to our clients through appointments. To get more details about Alex and Company Jewelers, visit us at

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